In 2016, the Fordham FinTech Network was established as a student-led initiative at the Fordham University, Lincoln Center campus. Now it has 1,500+ members composed of undergraduates, graduates, and professionals.


Our Mission

As the Fordham FinTech Network, we are an inclusive platform for a diverse range of students and professionals to learn from and educate one another on the ever-evolving financial technology industry. Our goal is to become a creative incubator for inspired students to pursue FinTech careers or entrepreneurial endeavors within the industry. Through our dedicated pursuit of education and innovation, we envision ourselves to be the go-to FinTech Network across all universities.

The Fordham FinTech Network consists of a group of the most passionate people in the financial technology industry who are ready to disrupt the world we live in.

Executive BOARD 2018-2019

What We've Achieved                              What we are planning

  • 1,500+ Membership Base

  • 100+ Weekly Newsletters

  • $3,000+ Fund Raising

  • Independent Journalist Team

  • Innovations in FinTech: Payments and Blockchain

  • Many Partnerships: Consensys, EEA, BVC, etc.

  • Fordham FinTech 1st & 2nd Annual Conference

  • Blockchain Workshops

  • Campus Card Project

  • Hackathon

  • FinTech Investing Seminar

  • FinTech Consulting Course

  • Workshops (Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data Mining)