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Welcome to our Medium page. We are developing articles, guides, and reports related to blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, payment systems, and other emerging technologies. We post our most recent articles here, but make sure to take a look at our full list of publications on our Medium page


Upcoming Publications: Whitepaper Analysis, Blockchain Basics, Blockchain Programming


Research Team

The Fordham FinTech Network’s Research Team aims to dissect complex systems within the Fintech space, and present them to the public in a clear and comprehensive manner. The Research Team is currently broken down into two cohorts in order to develop more detailed and specific findings: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies & Algorithmic Trading.


The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Group

The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Group conducts research that dissects the mechanics behind blockchain, understands complex protocols in different cryptocurrency projects, and analyzes the role of governance, cryptoeconomics, and community with the evolution of this new technology and its impact on our world.


The Algorithmic Trading Group

The Algorithmic Trading Group focuses their research on the impact of algorithmic trading on financial institutions and retail customers. Specifically, this group will analyze different trading strategies and trading pairs, exchanges & liquidities, dissecting the orderbook, and the ethics of algorithmic trading practices. Furthermore, they will also review ‘good’ algorithms and what makes the implementation of an algorithm successful in the retail sales and trading space.


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