Fordham University is one of the leading universities offering a curriculum focused on FinTech

Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to complete a concentration in FinTech. This concentration was uniquely designed by Fordham’s Finance and Information Systems department to offer students the an in-depth curriculum that focuses on Technology skills a young finance professional will need to excel in the FinTech field. Due to its proximity to ‘Silicon Alley,’ Fordham students not only have access to industry professionals and events, but also internships at a number of firms changing the landscape of the the FinTech field.

Fordham’s ‘FinTech’ concentration requires two Prerequisites and four required courses:

  • Prerequisites:

    • FNBU 4454: Financial Modeling

    • INSY 3436: Introduction to Python

  • Required Courses:

    • FNBU 3450: FinTech - An Introduction

    • FNBU 4479: Algorithmic Trading

    • One Finance Elective

    • One Information Systems Elective

Fordham’s FinTech concentration offers students the ability to learn the real-world skills they need to excel in the evolving field of FinTech. Most FinTech courses are taught by real-world professionals that are passionate about FinTech and sharing their knowledge with students who are eager to learn. Fordham’s FinTech faculty is comprised of individuals that are researching some of the most , run their own firms, or are leaders of companies at the cutting edge of technology - such as American Express and J.P. Morgan.

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